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Now open: Pediatric Vision Clinic

Dr. Amanda Sprehe helped develop the newly formed Pediatric Vision Clinic at Gailmard Eye Center, where she specializes in vision problems of children, vision therapy. Much of this work centers on disorders such as amblyopia (lazy eye), strabismus (crossed eyes), binocular vision deficiencies, perceptual problems and learning disabilities. Children with vision problems like these may have a program of vision therapy (VT) prescribed. VT is sometimes referred to as physical therapy for the eyes and brain. A series of sessions are conducted in the office under doctor supervision, usually twice per week, to re-train the brain to process vision normally. Home vision therapy is prescribed to supplement the work done in the office.

For more information on vision therapy, go the following links:   

Be sure your child is ready for the visual demands of learning by having his or her eyes examined before school starts. Our routine eye exam for kids includes a special screening test for visual perceptual problems at no additional charge. Call (219) 836-1738 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Sprehe.

Gailmard Eye Center is proud to announce our Grand Open House Event!

On Saturday, October, 2nd (10am-2pm), we will have an expanded frame selection from industry-leading brands, food, refreshments, live music, raffles, and more!

Click here or give us a call for full details!