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Warranty Information

Eyewear Adjustments and Repair

We are always happy and ready to help maintain the high-quality look of your new eyewear and are happy to adjust your eyewear at no additional cost. If minor repairs are necessary, we will make most repairs at no cost unless parts are required. If your repair does require parts, we will inform you of the additional cost prior to rendering the services.

Frame Warranty

Your new frame carries a one-year warranty from the date of purchase against manufacturer defects. The frame will be replaced with a brand new one once during the warranty period. This can include normal wear and tear, manufacturer discretion applies. Loss, stolen and excessive abuse is not covered under this warranty. If your frame breaks for any other reason within the first year, we will provide a credit of 50% off original retail price to replace the frame.

Discontinued Frame

Frames that are discounted from the manufacturer and can no longer be purchased, we will replace the frame with a product of equal or lesser value.

Lens Warranty

Scratched lenses or other lens defects have a one-year warranty from the date of purchase when anti-reflective coating is applied and can be replaced one time during that one-year period. Lenses that have no anti-reflective coating do not carry a warranty to protect against scratches or other lens defects.

Refund or Exchange

Your new glasses are custom made for you and are not refundable. There are certain times glasses need to be remade due to lab errors and/or doctor prescription changes. These corrections are done at no charge and need to be made within 30 days of dispensing. We are happy to restyle (change frame you selected) to a new fame if you are unhappy within the first 30 days of dispensing. Additional fees may apply.

Frames may be exchanged within 30 days of dispense if in perfect condition, but new lenses are required as they will not fit in the initial frame. Any restyle there will be a lab service charge of $25 dollars for single vision lenses and $50 for progressive or bifocal lenses for lenses of equal or lesser value. An upgrade to a more expensive lens options, are subject to an additional charge.

If request for exchange occurs after 30 days from dispense, we will provide a credit of 50% off original retail price of lens, lens options and frame.

If your vision insurance plan provided your frame and lenses, your warranty may be determined by that plan’s policy which would supersede Gailmard Eye Center’s warranty policy.

New Lenses Patient Owned Frame

Frames that were purchased in our practice and outside of the practice, may not be eligible for one-year manufacturer warranty. Over time frames may inherent small defects from manufacturing and through normal wear and tear. We always take the utmost care with your frames, but we cannot be held liable should any damage occur during lens replacement. If a frame that was purchased in our practice or outside of the practice and is outside the manufacturer warranty breaks, we will provide a 25% credit towards selecting a new pair in the practice. Refer to lenses warranty for new lenses in existing frames.