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Gailmard Eye Center Staff


Our highly trained staff are experts in their specialized fields of eye care, but most of all they specialize in taking good care of you! Scroll down to read more about the various eye care professionals we have on staff:


Patient Service Specialists

These team members are vital to our business operations.  They manage the appointment schedules, supervise our electronic medical records, file insurance claims and much more.


Clinical Technicians

From pre-testing to scribing to optical dispensing, these eye care professionals are an important part of our eye care services.  Clinical technicians are fully trained to perform advanced medical testing such as retinal photography, visual field analysis, OCT scans, corneal topography and autorefraction.


Lab Technicians

Our lab technicians use advanced lens surfacing and finishing equipment to grind your prescription into your lenses and then cut the lens blanks to precisely fit your frame.  The computerized lens making process uses diamond cutting tools and automatic polishing pads to produce a perfect lens.  Making glasses in our own lab allows us to provide higher quality lenses and very fast service.


Cynthia Wright

Cynthia Wright joined Gailmard Eye Center as Office Manager in 1995. Cynthia was born and raised in Illinois and attended DePaul University. She earned a degree in business administration and subsequently began her career in a Chicago law firm. Cynthia has learned the technical aspects of eye care by attending courses at professional conferences and through on the job experience at GEC, but her work is mostly focused on the administration of the practice and management of staff. Cynthia has a passion for customer service which matches the vision of Gailmard Eye Center perfectly. Cynthia resides in St. John, Indiana with her family and enjoys gardening in her spare time.


Our opticians understand both the fashion aspect of your eyeglasses as well as the technical aspects of your prescription.  They will guide you to the best frame choice for your personal style and the best lenses for your visual needs.  We offer the latest technology in lenses such as custom designed no-line multifocals and lighter and thinner materials.  Our new premium antireflective lenses are anti-scratch, anti-static and easy to keep clean.

Contact Lens Technicians

Our contact lens staff assists the doctor with new fittings and trains patients to insert, remove and care for their lenses.  We participate in clinical research trials to test the newest contact lens designs such as new more comfortable polymers, more stable correction of astigmatism and advanced multifocal lenses for presbyopia.